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Surgical Arm Positioners

It's well padded and easy-to-use.

Multi-Axis Surgical Arm Positioner

Multi-Axis Surgical Arm Positioner

  • Provides you with versatile and comfortable patient arm positioning with a ball socket locking system. Achieve maximum positioning flexibility in just seconds.
  • A comfortable 2" Softcare concave foam pad and restraint straps are included.
  • Arm platform measures 6" wide x 16" long. Includes a 5/8" mounting post.
  • Schure Socket is sold separately.
  • This is perfect for seated, lateral, prone, neuro and beach chair positions.

  • SW-80-0050 Multi-Axis Arm Positioner with a 2" thick pad: Your cost: $595
  • SW-80-0134 Schure Socket Clamp: Your cost: $285
Arm Positioner in seated position

Arm Positioner in prone position

Arm Positioner shown in lateral position

C-Thru Cross Arm Arm Support

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C-Thru Cross Arm Arm Support

  • The C-Thru Arm Support is a radiolucent cross-arm support that slides easily under the surgical table pad. It's ideal for supine or lateral patient positioning.

  • This heavy-duty acrylic arm support allows you to safely position your patient's arm up and out of the way during hip and other surgical procedures.

C-Thru Acrylic Cross Arm Arm Support

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C-Thru Cross Arm Arm Support

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C-Thru Cross Arm Arm Support

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  • It eliminates the need to strap or tape the patient's arm across their chest or abdomen, a method that allows the limb to slip
    during the procedure.

  • The C-Thru Arm Support doesn't require an arm support clamp. So it is competitively priced with other arm positioners.

  • The platform itself can be inserted into four different slots depending upon your height requirements.

  • To avoid patient injury, always use appropriate padding, tape or straps to secure patient's arm to platform, as shown above.

  • SW-35-C-902925 C-Thru Arm Support with platform: Your cost: $675

  • SW-35-C-902926 Replacement Platform. Your cost: $250

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