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The Surgical Mat™
     Why These Mats Cannot Be Reused
  • Any cleaning will cause the tacky, non-slip surface to rub off.

  • Also after being used once, the self adhesive strips will no longer stick sufficiently to the floor or step stool.

  • These are safety and liability issues.

  • In addition, it is very difficult to properly clean into the deep channels of this mat.

  • As a result, any remaining contaminates left on these mats can be tracked into other areas.

  • Reusing these disposable mats creates both infection control and safety issues frowned upon by both OSHA and JCAHO.

  • These disposable mats were designed to be used in surgery departments where there is no time or interest in cleaning mats between cases.

  • The convenience of just throwing them away, infection control and safety are all advantages these product offer.

  • If you want a reusable mat, then please choose from the other mats we offer.

The Suctioner™ Mat

TheMini Mat™
Updated 4/11